Email: (swap 5 and N).

Office: SEO 726

Teaching at UIC

Fall 2023: Math 179: TR

Math 180: TR

Current Office Hours: .

Summer 2023: YSP at UIC Lead Insturctor and MCS 401 Grader (2 sections).

Spring 2023: Math 179 (1 section) and Math 180 (2 sections)

Fall 2022: Math 179 TR (2 sections) and Math 180 (2 sections).

Summer 2022: YSP at UIC Lead Instructor and MCS 401 Grader (2 sections)

Spring 2022: Math 179: T (1 section), and Math 180 (2 sections).

Fall 2021: Math 180: TR at 1-1:50, 2-2:50, 3-3:50 pm, and LAS 110: T at 9:30-10:20, 11-11:50 am.

Summer 2021: YSP at UIC graduate instructor.

Spring 2021: Math 180: TR at 8-8:50,9-9:50 am.

Fall 2020: Math 121: TR at 8,9, and 11am.


My research interests are encompassed by the area of Combinatorics and MCS. Below are any papers I've worked on.

*Published in The Electronic Journal of Combinatorics* "The set of ratios of derangements to permutations in digraphs is dense in [0,1/2]." Worked in conjuction with Dr. Patrick Bennett (WMU), Bethany Austhof (UIC).

Invited Talks

IDEAL Get Ready for Research Workshop on June 2-4 2023 at UIC.

IDEAL High School Teacher Workshop on May 6, 2023 at UIC.

Who am I?

(Possibly a hotdog.) A third year PhD candidate at UIC whose research interest include a choice from (MCS, probabilisitc combinatorics, statistical physics). I completeted my master's degree in mathematical computer science at UIC in 2022 and my bachelor's degree in mathematics with a minor in philosophy at Western Michigan University in 2019. I am currently being co-advised by Marcus Michelen (UIC) and Will Perkins (Georgia Tech).

Since its inception I have been a (Lead) Graduate Instructor at YSP at UIC. This is effectively a high school math camp meant "to introduce a diverse group of high schoolers from all over Chicago to exciting topics in mathematics.."

I am one of the co-organizers for DRP at UIC which started in Fall 2023 and was modeled after the Directed Reading Program at UT-Austin .

I served as (F21-S22) co-president of UIC's Math Graduate Student Association and currently maintain its webpage and store and run its Ping Pong League.

Pictures of me and my cats.

The Bean Meow

The Bean Spring 2021.

Two Cats.





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