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Office: SEO 726

Teaching at UIC

Fall 2024: TBD :)

Current Office Hours: :)

Summer 2024: YSP at UIC Lead Instructor

Spring 2024: Math 179 "Early Scholars Program (support course) for Calc I" (1 section), Math 180: Calc I (2 sections).

Fall 2023: One section Math 179: ESP Calc I, Two sections Math 178 "Catch Course for Calc I", and One section Math 180: Calc I.

Summer 2023: YSP at UIC Lead Insturctor and MCS 401: Algorithms I Grader (2 sections).

Spring 2023: One section Math 179: ESP Calc I and Two sections Math 180 Calc I.

Fall 2022: Two sections Math 179: ESP Calc I and Two sections Math 180: Calc I.

Summer 2022: YSP at UIC Lead Instructor and MCS 401: Algorithms I Grader (2 sections)

Spring 2022: One section Math 179: Early Scholars Programs for Calculus I, and Two sections Math 180 Calculus I.

Fall 2021: Three sections Math 180: Calculus I and Two sections LAS 110: Experience UIC (course for incoming first year LAS students).

Summer 2021: YSP at UIC Graduate Instructor.

Spring 2021: Two sections Math 180: Calculus I

Fall 2020: Three sections Math 121: Precalculus


My research interests are encompassed by the area of Probability, Combinatorics and MCS. Below are any papers I've worked on.

*Published in The Electronic Journal of Combinatorics* "The set of ratios of derangements to permutations in digraphs is dense in [0,1/2]." Worked in conjuction with Dr. Patrick Bennett (WMU), Bethany Austhof (UIC).

Invited Talks

IDEAL Get Ready for Research Workshop on June 2-4 2023 at UIC.

IDEAL High School Teacher Workshop on May 6, 2023 at UIC.

Who am I?

(Possibly a hotdog.) A fifth year PhD candidate at UIC whose research interest include a choice from (Probability, Combinatorics, Statistical Physics). I completeted my master's degree in mathematical computer science at UIC in 2022 and my bachelor's degree in mathematics with a minor in philosophy at Western Michigan University in 2019. I am currently being co-advised by Marcus Michelen (UIC) and Will Perkins (Georgia Tech).

Since its inception I have been a (Lead) Graduate Instructor at YSP at UIC. This is a high school math camp meant "to introduce a diverse group of high schoolers from all over Chicago to exciting topics in mathematics.."

I am one of the co-organizers for DRP at UIC which started in Fall 2023 and was modeled after the Directed Reading Program at UT-Austin. This reading program has the expressed goal of supporting students of all backgrounds develop skills useful to learn math independently and pair undergraduates with a graduate mentor to assist with that goal. .

I served as (F21-S22) co-president of UIC's Math Graduate Student Association and currently maintain its webpage and store and run its Ping Pong League.

I am currently one of the co-organizers of the 2026 GSCC (Graduate Student Combinatorics Conference) *Website Coming soon*, but 2025 is at USC.

Pictures of me and my cats.

The Bean Meow

The Bean Spring 2021.

Two Cats.





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